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How to Start Making Money from Forex Trading | Belajar Trading Forex (Valas) | Learn Forex Trading
Free Forex Training, Tutorial and Guide by Do you want to retire young and rich? Earn thousands of dollars daily? Spend most of your time with your family without necessarily go to work?

If the answer is YES, please follow these simple steps below to achieve financial freedom from the forex (foreign exchange). Be your own boss by making money from forex trading at your own home.
  1. Basic Forex Trading Tutorial
    For beginners in Forex Trading, please read the Basic Forex Trading Tutorial follows :

    1. Forex Trading Tutorial Part 1
    2. Forex Trading Tutorial Part 2
    3. Chart Types
    4. CandleStick Patterns Part 1
    5. CandleStick Patterns Part 2
    6. Support & Resistance
    7. Trendlines & Channels
    8. Moving Average
    9. Technical Vs Fundamental Analysis
    10. Fundamental Analysis
    11. Basic Forex Tutorial (PDF Format)
    12. MetaTrader Software Guide (PDF Format)
    13. Start Trading in MetaTrader Guide (PDF Format)

    * Download Adobe Acrobat to read PDF Format

  2. Open Trading Account
    To start making money from forex, you need to have a trading account first. Trading Account Registration is 100% Free. There are 2 Recommended Forex Platforms to use. Please click on Recommended Forex Platforms to sign up.

    Open Live Account

  3. Start Trading Forex

    To start trading forex, there are 2 options :

    1. Trading Forex Manually with Alternative Trading Strategy
      Please click HERE for Alternative Trading Strategy Explanation.

    2. Trading Forex Automatically with Expert Advisor / Robot (Free)
      The progress of information technology and computerized technology promises an interesting feature in forex (foreign exchange) trading which allows trader to trade automatically with Expert Advisors. Expert Advisor (sometimes called robot) is programmed by programming language similar to C++ language.

      Get financial freedom by using Super Hedging Expert Advisor / Robot Forex. Up to hundreds percent monthly profit.

      Click here to read more about Super Hedging Expert Advisor (250% profit in 60 days Live Account Proof available)

      Please click HERE for Expert Advisor Explanation.

  4. Forex Trading Resources and Miscellanous
    You will find all forex basic knowledge and tutorial summarized in ebooks (PDF format), economic calendar, and other resources.

  5. Forex Managed Account Program (Free of Management Fee! Profit is 100% for Investor*)
    This program is an alternative investment program for those who do not have time to trade by themselves or do not have skills in forex trading. Client can simply open a forex account on behalf of his/her own and make a deposit as required by LearnForexPro. LearnForexPro will trade client's account based on profit sharing system. Estimated profit is 5-30% per month.

 Start Trading Forex Like A Pro (HOT)
 Open Trading Account (FREE)
 Managed Account (FREE & SAFE)
 Forex Tutorial
 Forex Tutorial 2
 Chart Types
 CandleStick Patterns
 CandleStick Patterns 2
 Support & Resistance
 Trendlines & Channels
 Moving Average
 Technical Vs Fundamental
 Fundamental Analysis
 Trading Strategy
 Forex Resources
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